Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TMobile (USA) Minutes Used version 1.9

the new version fixed a bug from the previous version.

You can download it here.


Anonymous mvd said...

Oh well. I'd hoped that 1.9 would fix my "not working at all" problem, but no luck. What was fixed?

7/15/2009 3:55 PM  
Blogger The Human Resource said...

Yea, same problem as before.


7/15/2009 4:11 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

I had the same problem as reported by others in 1.8 where, with the correct login information, the add-on would attempt multiple logins and my TMobile account would almost instantly become disabled. I would call 611, get it re-enabled, then it would almost immediately become disabled again. If I 'disabled' the add-on using the taskbar add-on right click/options it wouldn't help, my TMobile account still became disabled. I had to actually disable the add-on from the firefox menu tools/add-ons for it to stop whatever it was doing to cause the TMobile account to become disabled.

I just uninstalled 1.8 and then installed 1.9, 're-enabled' the add-on from the task bar, and WOOOO! it works.

Many thanks Winston for your tireless efforts with this awesome utility.

7/16/2009 6:47 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

I called T-Mobile about account locking up. They said it was a known issue and they were working on it.

7/16/2009 1:11 PM  
Anonymous mvd said...

I'd like to clarify that my account is not locking up at any point. I can still log into my TMobile account manually at any time. In fact, if I right click on the extension icon in the status bar and say "Go to TMobile billing site", that works just fine. I simply don't ever get any useful information displayed by the extension.

7/16/2009 4:01 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Holy crap!!! A tmobile rep just called and asked if I could disable the Tmobile Minute checker program because it was causing problems on their website!

That was version 1.8.

My account kept getting locked. I'm guessing 1.9 addresses the problem of too many retries.

7/17/2009 12:15 PM  
Blogger seanbperiod said...

Nope. doesn't work.. Also on OSX the settings window is transparent. very odd.

7/17/2009 3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.9 works fine for me. It's nice to have the minutes used details again. Thank you!

7/18/2009 4:40 AM  
Anonymous David said...

1.8 kept locking my account, but 1.9 works fine for me.

7/21/2009 9:32 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Note version 1.9 will show minutes used when you use the "check usage now" option. It does not automatically update usage however.

7/21/2009 10:00 AM  
Anonymous mvd said...

Okay, I have now tried this:

- uninstall the extension
- restart FF
- go into about:config and reset all of the values associated with the extension
- go into the profile folder and delete tmobile-last-response.html
- restart FF
- reinstall extension version 1.9

When FF came up, the extension was already aware of my phone number and password, so obviously I didn't clean everything out. However, about:config doesn't have the phone number and password values (that is, the values don't even appear in about:config for these values). (Is the extension pulling the phone number and password, initially, from a TMobile site cookie?)

The extension still does not function, though. The extension does create a new tmobile_last_response.html in my profile folder, so it's trying to do something. The data in that file looks like the stuff I'm looking for, which tells me that the extension is successfully getting to the data at the TMobile site. Here's the content, with private data redacted:

{"Msisdn":"phone no. 1","SubscriberType":"POSTPAID","IsPooled":true,"IsMultiLine":true,"IsPAH":true,"UsedMins":171,"TotalMins":1000,"UsedMsgs":670,"TotalMsgs":-1,"DownloadAmount":0,"LastKnownDateTime":"7\/21\/2009 9:09:13 AM","NextBillingCycleDate":"8\/8\/2009","Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":null,"SubscriberPrivilege":"PAH","SubscriberName":"name 1","LinesUsage":[{"Msisdn":"phone no. 1","TotalMins":1000,"UsedMins":42,"TotalMsgs":-1,"UsedMsgs":47,"NumDownloads":0,"DownloadAmount":0,"Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":0,"SubscriberName":"name 1","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":false,"IsAtHome":false},{"Msisdn":"phone no. 2","TotalMins":1000,"UsedMins":0,"TotalMsgs":-1,"UsedMsgs":33,"NumDownloads":0,"DownloadAmount":0,"Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":0,"SubscriberName":"name 2","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":false,"IsAtHome":false},{"Msisdn":"phone no. 3","TotalMins":1000,"UsedMins":8,"TotalMsgs":-1,"UsedMsgs":63,"NumDownloads":0,"DownloadAmount":0,"Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":0,"SubscriberName":"name 3","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":true,"IsAtHome":false},{"Msisdn":"phone no. 4","TotalMins":1000,"UsedMins":3,"TotalMsgs":-1,"UsedMsgs":67,"NumDownloads":0,"DownloadAmount":0,"Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":0,"SubscriberName":"name 4","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":true,"IsAtHome":false},{"Msisdn":"phone no. 5","TotalMins":1000,"UsedMins":118,"TotalMsgs":-1,"UsedMsgs":410,"NumDownloads":0,"DownloadAmount":0,"Flexpay_AmountUsed":0,"Flexpay_BalanceAmount":0,"SubscriberName":"name 5","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":true,"IsAtHome":false}],"HasFamilyAllowance":false,"HasParent":false,"IsLargeFABan":false,"FAUsage":null,"HasFAMinsOverage":false,"HasFAMsgsOverage":false,"HasFADldsOverage":false,"URL":"\/PartnerServices.aspx?service=eBill&link=MonthlyUsage","MessageServiceName":null,"HasMessageService":true,"IsAtHome":false}

My family has unlimited messaging. Could that be screwing things up?

Also, I know that the TMobile site itself doesn't always accurately display things like whether certain phone lines have messaging enabled (while the overall plan provides messaging for all lines). Perhaps an internal inconsistency in the data the web site provides is causing the extension to stumble?

Next attempt: Did all of the above and also deleted the userid/password sets associated with the TMobile site and all TMobile-related cookies. The extension still doesn't do anything useful, but now tmobile_last_response.html contains the old-style pink-and-white TMobile web site. After I manually logged into the site, I retried the extension and this time got the file like I show above again.

I'm completely stuck.

7/21/2009 2:08 PM  
Blogger Winston Huang said...

your detailed log is very helpful. at least one bug has been found and it will be fixed shortly.

7/21/2009 5:14 PM  

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