Thursday, November 03, 2005

TMobile (USA) Minutes Used Firefox Extension Wish List

Here is a wish list:

  1. display billing cycle
  2. option to disable the "go to tmobile billing site" link (double click and right click pop-up menu)
  3. option to set the http timeout (for users with slower connection)
  4. display text message usage. I need someone with text message service to confirm that it can be retrieved from TMobile's Web site and help me get account access temporarily.
  5. Some users complained that they always got 0 minute used even though they could see minute usage on the "See minutes used details" site from the billing site. this problem is traced to the fact that TMobile's web site does not update their billing site correctly. if you check the minute usage meter on the right, you will notice it shows 0. I could instead use the "See minutes used details" site to retrieve the minute usage information. However, I haven't figured out what the URL is. (As simple as it sounds, it's difficult to figure it out because it's a dynamic URL created by a bunch of Javascripts. Maybe someone can help me with this.)
  6. I have also got many requests to write a similar extension for other cell phone carriers. I would be happy to do that except I myself only has TMobile account. It's impossible for me to write and test the extensions for other cell phone accounts. Sorry about this, unless someone wants to share his/her account information with me temporarily. If so, please leave a note here with your contact information. (Update: I have written a new extension for Verizon. It can be found here.)