Friday, October 21, 2005

TMobile (USA) Minutes Used version 0.3

Thanks to help from "DevGuy", I think I have fixed the invalid GUID problem for firefox 1.5. My old GUID is one character too short. For some reason, Firefox pre-1.5 accepts GUID one character short.

I also fixed a problem with opening a new window. Now any new windows should display the same usage information.

I also fixed various performance and stability problems, given that TMobile's Web site is not stable and responds slowly intermittently. Timeouts were added to watch all the HTTP requests.

The new version is never officially published to the mozilla update site. You should download the latest version (0.4+) from Mozilla Update.

I have also got many requests to write a similar extension for other cell phone carriers. I would be happy to do that except I myself only has TMobile account. It's impossible for me to write and test the extensions for other cell phone accounts. Sorry about this, unless someone wants to share his/her account information with me temporarily.

For the same reason, I cannot figure out your TMobile text message usage because I currently don't subscribe to this service, unless someone with text message service wants to work with me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Firefox extension to check TMobile phone minutes used

I really love Firefox's open architecture. I have found so many useful extensions on the internet. Among my favorites are:

I have finally published my first Firefox extension to check how many minutes you have used on your TMobile phone. Currently it can be downloaded from here

I am planning to improve it based on user feedback. Please leave me any comments.